Peacehaven Taxi uses all reasonable endeavors to get you to your destination punctually, we will not be responsible for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic situations beyond its control on the journey. Under any circumstances Peacehaven Taxi will be not responsible (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss of profits, business or for any indirect or consequential loss whatever. All luggage carried are entirely are under your care and responsibility and no loss would be undertaken. If there happens to be a car breakdown during your journey, we will do our best to arrange an alternative transport to complete the journey as soon as possible We kindly advise passengers to arrive at airport 3 hours prior to flight departure to make space for unpredicted delays on route to or from the airport. We will not take any responsibility what so ever for any passengers missing their flight if 3 hours check in time was not pre planned. No refunds will be given to any passengers who do not wait for their driver and take an alternative transport. Please ensure you provide information regarding arrival times and day in to the UK and not your departing information. If your flight happens to confront any serious delays, please inform us or the driver as soon as possible. Their own transport wherever possible but do use third party companies if necessary and appropriate.

All of our drivers are DBS checked and fully licenced by the local authority.


Any Bridge Tolls or congestion charges may not a part of the instant online quotes. The driver will request you for the money or we can obtain it from your card if you prefer.


Any amendment must be made via an email or through a phone call to us to whom you will receive an email confirming the amendment. Amendments cannot be made with your driver under any circumstance.


The calculation of prices is done manually depending on the distance, time of travel and number of passengers traveling will be taken into consideration. We possess all the rights to provide an upgraded car type from the original selected if the vehicle chosen by you is unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances.


We are happy to inform you that we do not place any charges for the first 60 minutes (1 hour) waiting time after the plane has landed. But for other reasons such as passenger is stuck in immigration or has lost luggage or any other personal reasons of the passenger, we would have to charge a waiting time which is £ 20 an hour and plus parking from the booked time and for all other journeys will be added at £ 20 an hour from the time of booking.


All bookings must be done through the office via the website, Telephone or E-mail. This makes it easy for confirmations to be sent out and the journey is ensured. It is against the law for private hire drivers to accept journeys directly. Furthermore, Bookings must be made through the office.


Accepts any cancellation done if there is at least 12 hours’ notice. But there will be 10% administration / transaction charge. The cancellation must be made via an email to which you will receive confirmation by us. In any case If you do not receive any email from us confirming the cancellation then we have not received your request. In this case, please call us on 01273 581234. Refunds will not be issued under the following circumstances: No refund will be made if the passenger does not show up. No refund is made for cancellation of a booking on the day of travel or afterwards. All other circumstances where a refund may be possible should be addressed directly with the Office.